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University  of  Colorado  at  Boulder         College of Music

Classical double bass     Jazz double bass

Undergraduate   &  Graduate  double  Bass  Degrees
Dr. Paul Erhard,  Classical  double  bass  professor
    Eduardo “Bijoux” Barbosa,   Jazz  Bass  Instructor

    The CU double bass program provides training to reach the highest level of musical excellence.  Classical bass students gain a thorough foundation in the mechanics of solo and orchestral double bass playing free of technical limitations.  Classical and Jazz students develop foundation skills that include 1) having relaxed and efficient left and right hand technique
2) producing a rich bowed sound
3) playing with strong and steady rhythm  
4) playing in tune  
4) being musically expressive  
5) playing well with other musicians in ensembles. 

CU double bass students excel as professionals with versatility and flexibility that allows them to play any kind of music they choose.  The spectacular Rocky Mountain beauty of our surroundings in Boulder is constant inspiration and a model for the heights we aspire to achieve.